Worldwide Botanical Knowledge Base

The immediate goal is to develop a Web application to make user-friendly requests on large XML database.

The ultimate goal is to develop a Computer-assisted specimen identification, allowing anyone to identify any plant. It will involve lots of free-software techniques (natural language processing, 2D and 3D images analysis and generation) to help both the end-user and the content providers (botanists and ecologists). We want to leverage on emerging but time-lasting technologies like XML, Web services, Semantic Web, etc. This a free-software and free-content project.

Finally, there is a non-technical goal: help protecting Nature and endangered species, by allowing anyone to participate in its inventory. Alas today Nature is like a store with lots of merchandise on the shelves, but with no computerized inventory, and not even labels on the boxes. We want to remedy to that, and make all that information available to all Humanity.

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